Del City Expands Green Initiative Into Solar Industry

When many people think of solar power, only residential areas come to mind. They see the solar panels attached to the top of a roof that can power a whole home. Although this is true, solar power can do so much more in the electrical world. According to “Seeking Alpha,” non-residential PV (photovoltaic) is up […]

6 Reasons to Attend NTEA’s Work Truck Show 2018

The 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show is quickly approaching. The Work Truck Show is North America’s largest work truck event, being held on March 6-9, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. Registration is through phone, fax, online and even in person for this event. Below are the 6 reasons why the NTEA show is beneficial to industry […]

Del City Crossword Puzzle

Del City is going back in time to celebrate the anniversary of the crossword puzzle! Got a long car ride coming up? Bored in some of your time off? No matter what the occasion, a crossword puzzle is sure to please! Check out Del City’s crossword puzzle below, just for you!  *If an answer is […]

5 Reasons to Attend SEMA Show 2017

What is the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), and why should I attend their show? Good question! Below we have 5 reasons why attending the 2017 SEMA show will definitely not be a waste of your time, but rather could be one of your greatest trade show experiences to date!

New Product Announcement: Triplex and Quadplex Brake Cable

Triplex and Quadplex brake cable is now available at Del City. This complementary product to our existing offering has the same properties as our Duplex brake cable and features either three-conductor or four-conductor, PVC jacketed primary wires, laid in parallel. Primarily used for electric brake systems on trucks, buses, and trailers, adding more conductor options […]

Self-Cutting Cable Ties

Sometimes a cable tie is more than just a cable tie.  We are so excited to introduce a brand new innovation in cable ties – the Self-Cutting Cable Tie.  Traditional ties require the use of a cutting tool to remove the excess material after installation, usually leaving a jagged edge that can cut hands or […]

New Product Announcement: 3/8″ Stud Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers

Del City has expanded its Hi-Amp Circuit Breaker offering to include the 3/8”Stud Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers. Previously, these were only offered in 1/4” stud. The 3/8” Hi-Amp Stud Circuit Breakers allow for higher torque connections and wider space for heavy gauge wire lugs. Beyond the 150A the current line goes up to, the 3/8” line […]