New Product Announcement: 3/8″ Stud Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers

Del City has expanded its Hi-Amp Circuit Breaker offering to include the 3/8”Stud Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers. Previously, these were only offered in 1/4” stud. The 3/8” Hi-Amp Stud Circuit Breakers allow for higher torque connections and wider space for heavy gauge wire lugs.

Beyond the 150A the current line goes up to, the 3/8” line is offered in a variety of amperages, including 175A and 200A. Applications for the 3/8” stud breakers include: construction, electric vehicles, heavy truck, industrial, marine and off-road equipment. Select from manual reset, manual reset (switchable) or auto reset.

 All of the 3/8” Stud Hi-Amp Surface Mount Circuit Breakers have a torque rating of 50in-lb (5.6Nm) Max, are splash and dust proof rated to IP67, and have a thermal plastic UL rated 94V-0 housing. 

The Manual Reset 3/8” Stud Hi-Amp Surface Mount Circuit Breakers are quality circuit breakers that are compliant with SAE J1625, J1171, UL 1500 (ignition protected).  Rated up to 48V DC and with an operating temperature of -32°C – 82°C (-25°F – 180°F), these breakers may better suit your needs depending on the application.


Manual Reset (Switchable) 3/8” Hi-Amp Surface Mount Circuit Breakers operate until tripped and will remain tripped (in the off position) until indicator lever is manually reset to reactivate or close the open circuit. Typically used in trucks, buses, RV’s and marine applications, this style has a reset mechanism which provides a positive visible indication of a tripped condition.


Auto Reset 3/8” Hi-Amp Surface Mount Circuit Breakers are rated up to 32V DC and meet SAE J1625, J1171, and UL 1500 (ignition protected). These breakers will continuously cycle during a thermal over current condition.


With even wider selection of Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers available at Del City, there should be a circuit breaker tailored to your needs. Shop online now or call 1.800.654.4757 to speak with a Customer Satisfaction Representative who can help answer any questions you may have.

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