New Product Announcement: Triplex and Quadplex Brake Cable

Triplex and Quadplex brake cable is now available at Del City. This complementary product to our existing offering has the same properties as our Duplex brake cable and features either three-conductor or four-conductor, PVC jacketed primary wires, laid in parallel. Primarily used for electric brake systems on trucks, buses, and trailers, adding more conductor options allows the end user more flexibility with their wiring needs.

What are the gauge & conductor options?

In addition to 2-conductor Duplex brake cable, we will now offer the 3-conductor Triplex and 4-conductor Quadplex brake cable available in 16 Ga, 14 Ga & 12 Ga sizes.


What about spool sizes?

Brake cable is offered in 100 ft, 250 ft, 500 ft, and 1,000 ft spools.

All Del City brake cable is made of a high quality polyvinyl chloride jacket. The operating temperature range is -40°C – 105°C and the inner conductors meet SAE J1128. Brake cable is color coded for industry standards. Constructed in three conductor configurations, the color code for Triplex brake cable is: white, black, green, with grey outer jacket while the Quadplex brake cable is constructed of four conductor configurations with the following color code: white, black, green, red, with grey outer jacket.

Beyond brake cable, Del City offers 15 different types of wire including, primary wire, battery cable and trailer cable. To learn more about Triplex or Quadplex brake cable and the many other types of wire available at Del City, visit, call our Technical Specialist at 1.800.654.4757, or email us at                 

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