The Solar Power Industry

Del City Expands Into The Solar Power Industry

Del City expands into the Solar Power Industry. When many people think of solar power, only residential areas come to mind. They see the solar panels attached to the top of a roof that can power a whole home. Although this is true, solar power can do so much more in the electrical world. According to “Seeking Alpha,” non-residential PV (photovoltaic) is up 49% from 2015. Del City is excited to see the solar power industry continue to grow into automotive, fleet, RV, and trailer industries. With everyone together, we can truly make a difference with green energy. For a more detailed look into the industry, download our ebook here.

Growth in Solar Power

From 2016, the solar market has over doubled its capacity and is the #1 source of generating new energy. Part of this growth stems from incentives in the form of profits as well as in net metering. Net metering is the process of converting energy from solar power, where excess power can be transferred to the grid. For example, if you only need to power one small home, the extra power can be “sold” to the grid to help offset the costs of power drawn. Community solar power has more than doubled since 2015, providing another incentive for non-residential solar applications. In the utility sector, 72% of solar growth in 2016 was seen in this category. With costs for solar installation dropping around 70% since 2010 (partly because of net metering and tax credits) more people than ever are joining this green initiative.

Solar Power in Transportation

In recent years, various fleets have utilized solar power for many applications. This has taken some testing to make sure the fleets and work trucks are operating at the highest efficiency, while still keeping costs down. This is where solar power flourishes. New, thinner solar panels are available that keep vehicles aerodynamic while extending battery life significantly. According to Royal Jones, CEO of Mesilla Valley Transportation, their truck and trailer batteries needed to be changed every year. With solar power, this has reduced to every four years. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but results in extreme cost savings. Although installing solar panels may seem pricey upfront, the costs are recouped over a couple years.

Not only is monetary cost savings involved, but qualitative benefits result from solar power. Because there is less idling time and longer battery life, driver comfort is significantly increased. This leads to happier and more alert drivers. When the driver is in the cab, solar power helps increase their quality of the job and well as reducing turnover for fleet employees. Driver comfort is also increased in the trailer where the extra power can be used for refrigeration, safety lights, HVAC, and more. K&J Trucking tested their fleets with solar power on five trailers and over just two years, the ROI was substantial. Now, solar power is integrated into over half of their fleet. With solar power continuing to develop, the possibilities are endless for trucks and fleets.

Del City Expands Into The Solar Power Industry with New Product Offerings

Del City’s way of joining the green initiative is by extending our line of solar products. We know that you want the highest quality products when it comes to your solar install. Each solar application is slightly different when it comes to the construction, but Del City provides multiple options for different applications. To connect various solar panels, Del City offers TE Solarlok PV4-S Connectors, Multi-Contact (MC4) Connectors, and Multi-Contact (MC4) Branch Connectors.. We see the Multi-Contact being used more frequently, though both products are ideal to properly connect solar panels. In the cable realm, Del City has recently added Solar PV Assembled Cables. These add convenience with the connectors already being connected on each end of the cable. This helps for a safe and easy install. Finally, Del City recently added a Solar PV Crimp Tool to be sure that your connection is completed properly.

The solar industry is expected to keep booming in future years. To read about growth and benefits of solar power, download our ebook!

Our existing line of solar products includes UV Cable Ties, Heyco Solar Clips & Fasteners, as well as UV Loom. Del City plans on to keep expanding with this initiative as we care about both the environment as well as the industry. Projections are looking to see solar power continue to grow over the next decade with it almost tripling over the next five years. Del City is thrilled to see this industry booming, and hope you do too. To learn more about Del City products, visit or call our Technical Support at 1-800-654-4757.

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