Self-Cutting Cable Ties

Sometimes a cable tie is more than just a cable tie.  We are so excited to introduce a brand new innovation in cable ties – the Self-Cutting Cable Tie

Traditional ties require the use of a cutting tool to remove the excess material after installation, usually leaving a jagged edge that can cut hands or scratch surfaces.  The new Self-Cutting cable tie solves this problem with a patented new design that features a small cutting blade integrated into the head of each tie.


To use them, you simply insert the tail into the head and tighten as you would a regular cable tie.  After tightening to the desired position, rather than using a cutting tool to remove the excess, you simply twist the tail of the cable tie, causing the integrated blade to cleanly shear off the excess material while leaving no jagged edges. 


self_cutting_cable_ties_1.png   self_cutting_cable_ties_2-600522-edited.png


You may have seen ties elsewhere that feature a twist design to remove excess material after installation.  Unlike the other “twist” ties, however, our patented design doesn’t require a reduction in the strength or durability of the cable tie material, or multiple rotations to achieve a break in the tie.  Other ties also leave jagged edges as they can only be twisted off at predetermined notches, where ours can be twisted and cut anywhere along the length of the tie, leaving a clean cut with no jagged edges.

The new Self-Cutting Cable Ties are made from durable Nylon 6/6 and provide 50 pounds of tensile strength.  They are available in packs of 100 in 8”, 11”, or 14”, and in UV Black or Natural.

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