Solar panel installation

Solar Power Product Guide

Take a look at our Solar Power Product Guide below. See what Del City offers in order to complete a PV installation for a solar installation. Del City expanded our solar product offering and is here to provide this guide to break it down to the basics. To learn more about the solar industry as […]

The Solar Power Industry

Del City Expands Into The Solar Power Industry

Del City expands into the Solar Power Industry. When many people think of solar power, only residential areas come to mind. They see the solar panels attached to the top of a roof that can power a whole home. Although this is true, solar power can do so much more in the electrical world. According […]

Anderson powerpole connectors

Anderson Powerpole® Connectors Product Guide

Here is a guide to explain the details of the Anderson Powerpole connectors. Anderson Powerpole connectors are known for their quality connectors and providing superior strength and durability. In addition to Anderson’s line of SB Connectors®, their Powerpole® line is very popular. Like the SB® Connectors, the Powerpole® connectors are genderless and interchangeable. The main […]

UV Resistant Loom

Understanding the Different Types of Loom

There are many different types of loom, understanding the right type of loom for your project will help to ensure your wiring will last. Using loom is important to protect exposed wires and cables from foreign debris, the harsh environment, and high vibration areas. Some of the different types we will look at are: Split, […]

Woven Wire Loom

4 Tips For Choosing Wire Loom

Here are 4 tips for choosing the correct wire loom for your project. Protecting your wire is important, and choosing the right type of wire loom can have a big impact on the level of protection and look of the installation. To make sure you get what you need, here’s a few tips when choosing […]