Anderson Powerpole® Connectors Product Guide

Anderson is a brand known for their quality connectors and providing superior strength and durability. In addition to Anderson’s line of SB Connectors®, their Powerpole® line is very popular. Like the SB® Connectors, the Powerpole® connectors are genderless and interchangeable. The main difference when it comes to the Powerpole® line is allowing for custom multi-pole configurations. This allows the connectors to be more versatile and work in a wide variety of applications. For even more on why Anderson Powerpole® connectors may be the products for you, read on!

Anderson Powerpole® Housings

Powerpole® Connector housings are available in 15-45, 75, 120, and 180 amp options. To clarify, Powerpole_housing.jpgamperages 15-45 all use the same type of housing, and the difference would be in the amperage of the contact. We will go into more detail on contacts in the next section. Like the Anderson SB® series, the Powerpole® line offers benefits such as an interchangeable, genderless design. Made out of a strong single piece of polycarbonate and color-coded housings, Anderson® connectors make for a durable connection and easy connection.

These accommodate smaller gauge sizes the SB® connectors cannot. The Powerpole® series is single-contact instead of dual contact which makes for a smaller housing as well as a different look.

One major benefit of the Powerpole® line is the stackable feature. This allows users to build custom multi-pole configurations for any specific application. When the 15-45 amp connectors are stacked, they can be placed into an outer housing in order to hold the connection in place.

Anderson Powerpole® Contacts

The SB® and Powerpole® connectors share similar contacts. 


The contacts are silver plated and are self-cleaning. This allows for limited corrosion and a long life. The contacts added exclusively for Powerpole® are the 15 and 30 amp contacts. As discussed earlier, there are to fit the smaller gauge applications and fit within the same 15-45 amp housing. Being spring loaded and contoured, the contacts are used for up to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. Overall, the contacts offer superior conductivity and are available in 15-180 amp options for Powerpole® connectors.

Anderson Powerpole® Outer Housings

The Anderson Powerpole® series uniquely provides outer housings for the 15-45 amp Powerpole_receptacle.jpgconnections. As discussed earlier, these connectors are stackable and allow for multi-pole configurations. Outer housings encase the specific connection to hold it together and provide a finished appearance. Depending on the application, multiple outer housing options are available. Del City carries 4-way, 6-way, and 8-way outer housings. The “way” numbers refer to how many original housings (genderless, color coded) can fit into the outer housing. To see our full video on how to assemble Anderson Powerpole® connectors, click here.


For a completed assembly 15-45 amp, there will be an outer housing receptacle and plug. The two pieces fit together to complete the connection. Retaining pins secure the Powerpole® housing in the receptacle or plug shells. The housings are designed for 15-45 amp housings and accommodate 13 to 20 AWG, 20 amp maximum circuits. Crafted with high impact and corrosion-resistant black nylon, the outer housing is sure to protect your application.

Overall, Anderson Powerpole® Connectors are an industry standard for a secure and reliable connection. With the multi-pole configurations, these products are sure to fit your specific application. To see the completed assembly video of Anderson Powerpole® connectors, click here. Best used in electrical equipment in commercial and industrial applications, the Anderson line is sure to please. To see more about our Anderson SB® connectors, check out Anderson SB® Connector Series Product Guide and How To Install Anderson SB® Connectors.

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