Woven Wire Loom

4 Tips For Choosing Wire Loom

Here are 4 tips for choosing the correct wire loom for your project. Protecting your wire is important, and choosing the right type of wire loom can have a big impact on the level of protection and look of the installation. To make sure you get what you need, here’s a few tips when choosing wire loom.

1. Consider design.

Understanding the design requirements of your project is crucial when selecting wire loom. Assess whether the loom needs to be threaded over cables or simply wrapped around wires. Choices like split, non-split, spiral wrap, or self-wrapping looms offer varying degrees of accessibility. For frequent wire access, split loom may be preferable.

2. Size it right.

Accurate sizing ensures proper fit and functionality. Measure your wire bundle diameter precisely and opt for wire loom slightly larger than the measurement. This ensures a snug fit without constricting the wires.

3. Evaluate material.

The choice of material plays a vital role in providing protection against environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals, vibration, and heat. Explore options like PET, woven mesh, fiberglass, heat shrink fabric, asphalt-coated cloth, nylon, metal, and stainless steel, depending on your project’s needs.

4. Check temperature.

Ensure the selected loom can withstand the temperatures it will encounter. Consider options like Flame Retardant Split Loom and High Temperature Fiberglass Sleeving for applications where high temperatures are prevalent. Conduct thorough research to select the most suitable loom for your specific temperature requirements.

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Braided Sleeving Type
Braided Sleeving Type
Spiral cut loom Type
Spiral Cut Loom Type
Metal Braided Sleeving Type
Metal Braided Sleeving Type
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