Understanding the Different Types of Loom

It is important to protect exposed wires and cables from foreign debris, the harsh environment, and high vibration areas. Wire loom will provide protection for your bundles of wire and cable while also keeping your electrical application neat and organized. 

You may be asking which type of loom would work best for your project. Del City offers many types of loom that can be used in multiple applications. It comes down to preference and the exact specs you need to minimally meet. Read on for a brief explanation of some of the most popular types of loom that Del City offers.



Split Loom

One of the most popular loom styles due to ease of use and price. Split loom is offered in four types, standard PE, high temp nylon, flame retardant, and UV resistant. All three have a slit that runs the entire length for easy wire insertion. This high-rise-rigid material provides greater flexibility without kinking or the slit opening. It protects against abrasion and prevents wire crushing. 



Spiral Cut

This is a more unique type of loom that is popular with customers who need wires that can be pulled out at varying spots of the run and at different angles. Spiral cut loom is also a popular loom to put on an existing harness.



Expandable Sleeving

This sleeving can expand (typically to twice the ID size) and still contract to original ID size to keep wire bundles in place with a protective grip.  This loom comes six different types: standard PE (available in black, red, yellow and blue), flame retardant, clean cut (can be cut with scissors),  heavy wall, super duty and flat filament. If you need high abrasion resistance, we would recommend our heavy wall, super duty or flat filament expandable sleeving.




Braided Sleeving

Self wraps and closes around a wire bundle.  The material makes this sleeving more flexible than split loom and allows for easy insertion and removal.  The braided sleeving is most ideal for a high vibration environment.  It is also available in a flame retardant variety.



Woven Wire Loom

This type of loom is also ideal for high abrasion environments. Woven wire loom is more flexible than split loom and more durable than spiral cut loom.  This material feels like fabric to the touch as opposed to braided sleeving which feels more plastic-like.




Heat Shrink Loom

Loom with heat shrink technology, designed to protect against mechanical abrasion. This loom will shrink to hold wire bundles up to half its size.  Highly flexible, this loom cuts easily with scissors too!



Metal Sleeving

Ideal for grounding.  This sleeving provides the perfect look in high-end automotive and motorcycle applications.  We currently offer this in tinned coppered and stainless steel versions.




High Temp Protection (Fiberglass)

This fiberglass high temp loom comes coated in a resin material that resists temperatures up to 1200°F.  Other high temp options include aluminized metallic and silicone jacketed sleeving. If your wires or cable are under constant conditions with high heat such as in race cars, high temperature protection is recommended.




Asphalt Coated Fabric Loom

Need to protect against moisture or abrasive chemicals? Asphalt coated fabric loom is a non-split loom that is ideal for harsh environments and is coated with a flame retardant coating as well. 




For more information on wire and cable loom, please contact one of our very helpful Customer Satisfaction Representatives at 1.800.654.4757 or via email at info@delcity.net .

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