How To Effectively Install Butt Connectors

Knowing how to efficiently and effectively install butt connectors can help make most any vehicle or electrical application or project that much easier. With a few simple steps, you can make your desired electrical connection with ease. All you need are a few simple tools, including:

  1. Wire
  2. Butt Connector(s)
  3. Wire Strippers
  4. Crimping Tool
  5. Heating Tool
  6. Shrink Tubing (Optional)

7 Steps To Create An Effective Butt Connection

  1. Strip about 1/8″- 3/16″ of insulation off of the wires
  2. Insert the first wire into the butt connector
  3. Crimp
  4. Place heat shrink on the wire if not using a butt connector with heat shrink
  5. Insert the second wire into the butt connector
  6. Crimp
  7. Activate heat shrink to seal the connection

Review our How To Use Butt Connectors guide below for a step-by-step guide
to making strong and lasting terminal connections.

 How To Effectively Install Butt Connectors

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