What Is A Wire Ferrule?

What is a Wire Ferrule? Its basically just another way to terminate a wire based on your application. One of the most common items found in electrical applications is a wire terminal. The uses are countless, and they frequent industries such as automotive, industrial, manufacturing, marine, solar, and more. A wire ferrule, though notably not […]

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Compression Battery Lugs and Terminals In Agriculture

Agriculture is a growing industry that utilizes electrical supplies including compression battery lugs and terminals. According to the World Bank, agriculture is growing so fast that it is estimated to feed 9.7 billion people by 2050. With this type of growth and potential benefits, the highest quality supplies are necessary to keep this market on […]

What Is Heat Shrink?

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Shrink In the electrical supply world, heat shrink seems to be everywhere! By the name we can tell there is probably something with heat as well as with becoming smaller in size. Besides that, where do you find heat shrink material? What does it actually do? Why should […]

Benefits of Lead-Free Terminals

For years Del City has offered different electrical terminals: from standard butt connectors and ring terminals, to step-down butt connectors and flag terminals, and just about everything in between. Now, something new has entered the industry, and Del City is one of the first to have it.

What are the Different Types of Battery Terminals?

Heavy gauge wire requires strong and rugged termination due to the current flow and the type of systems they’re commonly used in. However, when considering which battery terminal to use, you’ll run into a lot of options. What are the different types of battery terminals? How do you know the type you’ll need for the […]

How to Use Cool Seal Butt Connectors

Need a fast and easy solution for wiring up your install? Get the job done in a fraction of the time in two simple steps with cool seal butt connectors. No heat or specialty tools required! The secret is in the anaerobic sealant technology.

How To Use Butt Connectors

Knowing how to efficiently and effectively install a butt connector can help make most any vehicle or electrical application or project that much easier. With a few simple steps, you can make your desired electrical connection with ease. All you need are a few simple tools, including: Wire Butt Connector(s) Wire Strippers Crimping Tool Heating […]

A New Angle On How To Make Battery Connections

Not all battery connections are straightforward!  When you’re trying to make battery connections in tight spaces, sometimes a straight barrel lug just doesn’t work.  Forcing battery cables to connect in a way that aligns with a straight barrel connector can require excessive bending of the cable, resulting in extreme tension on the cable itself.  The […]

Get a Stronger Electrical Connection: Lead-Free Solder Terminals & Connectors

If you could find a stronger, easier to install terminal for your 12V electrical wiring projects, you’d use it, right?  What if it were also the only lead-free RoHS compliant option available?  Slam dunk? Del City is excited to announce that we now have that solution!  Our new and improved Lead-Free Solder Terminals and Connectors […]