A New Angle On How To Make Battery Connections

Not all battery connections are straightforward!  When you’re trying to make battery connections in tight spaces, sometimes a straight barrel lug just doesn’t work.  Forcing battery cables to connect in a way that aligns with a straight barrel connector can require excessive bending of the cable, resulting in extreme tension on the cable itself.  The cables connected to the battery must have sufficient slack so that they will not pull on the battery terminals, as this can result in loosening of the connections over time, leaks, and possibly broken covers. In situations where a straight lug just doesn’t align, an angled lug can make life a lot easier.  Fortunately, there are viable alternatives.

45° lugs

45° lugs are great for situations where extra clearance is needed, as well as for adding additional cables to a stud that already has a cable on it, allowing for stacking.


90° lugs

Great for saving space, 90° lugs allow the cable to drop straight down alongside the part that the stud is mounted to. They can also be used for clearance when placed with the cable going upward.


Del City now offers angled lugs in both bare copper lug and tinned lug versions, from 6 ga through 4/0 ga, in 5/16” and 3/8” stud sizes.  All varieties can be crimped or soldered.

Whether you need straight lugs, 45° lugs, or 90° lugs, we’ve got the battery cable ends you need to make the connection at www.delcity.net.  And as always, if you have any questions, give our Technical Support Specialists a call at 1.800.654.4757!

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