Understanding the Different Types of Loom

It is important to protect exposed wires and cables from foreign debris, the harsh environment, and high vibration areas. Wire loom will provide protection for your bundles of wire and cable while also keeping your electrical application neat and organized.  You may be asking which type of loom would work best for your project. Del […]

4 Tips For Choosing Wire Loom

Protecting your wire is important, and choosing the right type of wire loom can have a big impact on the level of protection and look of the install. To make sure you get what you need, here’s a few tips when choosing wire loom for your build.

How to Use a Wire Loom Tool for the Easiest Install

Installing wire loom around a wire harness can be a pain. No matter what your application, using a wire loom tool like this loom insertion tool can make the process much save time and frustration by how easy it is to use.