Choosing a Custom Carling Rocker Switch


Durability and reliability is essential. With the Carling V-Series, you get both custom to your needs. With the rigorous testing and high Carling standards, these Carling rocker switches are perfect for marine panels, trucks, buses, trailer, construction, farm, and recreation equipment.

What I love about this line is the versatility.


So many of my customers in the past have come to me with special requirements for their next job because many of them do custom work. Fortunately, with this great Carling rocker switch line you can have a custom switch option at a reasonable cost and design construction you can count on.

First, let’s breakdown what’s what.


Carling Contura V-Series

The V-Series by Carling includes both Contura II and Contura III styles. Both of these styles are carried at Del City. You can either design your own custom Carling rocker switch by choosing a Contura II or Contura III actuator and switch body, or you can choose a Contura III which comes fully assembled. 


Carling Contura II vs. Carling Contura III

When considering the difference between Contura II and Contura III, we are simply comparing actuators. Both have illuminated and non-illuminated options, but the actuator face construction differs:

Contura II has two rows of raised “bumps”.

Contura III has three “lines”, or “indents”.


Designing a Custom Carling Rocker Switch

The V-Series line we offer has 15 different switch bodies and 22 actuators! Actuators vary in illumination and face style (Contura II or Contura III), and switch bodies vary in actuation. Even with their sleek design, these custom switches are designed to last 50,000 to 100,000 electrical cycles and tested to industry standards for corrosion, temperature, vibration, shock, and sealing. 


Fully Assembled Carling Contura III

And while I’ve had a lot of customers need these custom options, I’ve also had a number of those who just want a basic rocker switch they can count on. Fortunately, there are assembled Carling rocker switches with illuminated and non-illuminated options. With no need to mix and match actuators and bodies, just pick your assembled switch and you’re good to go!


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