How To Wire Weather Pack Connectors

Who doesn’t love the Weather Pack connectors? Really. With their superior environmental sealing, they are one of the best options when working on wiring in an automotive engine compartment. However, their high performance and design makes them equally suitable for most other marine, agricultural, and fleet applications.


Weather Packs are a top of line connection solution. However, with so many different configurations and components, wiring them can be overwhelming, or, at the very least, time consuming. So I got with our Technical Support to get a simple breakdown of how to wire Weather Pack connectors.

To start off, let’s look at what you’ll need for a complete connection.

Parts List

  • Female housing 
  • Male housing
  • Equal number of female terminals as there are ways in housing (i.e. 3 ways = 3 female terminals).
  • Equal number of male terminals as there are ways in housing (i.e. 3 ways = 3 male terminals).
  • 2 times the number of seals as there are ways (i.e. 3 ways = 6 seals).
  • Equal number of wire colors as there are ways (i.e. 3 ways = 3 colors), and 2 wires of each color (i.e. 1 way = 2 wires of one color, so 3 ways = 6 wires of 3 colors).
  • Equal number of plugs as there are ways that you WILL NOT be wiring (i.e. if wiring a 3-way system but one side will only use the power and ground wires, then you will need 1 plug for the 1 way which will not be used).
  • Crimp Tool
  • Wire Stripper

Got everything? Great. You’re ready to rock. Now, check out this quick 2 minute video to see an installation step by step.

If you’re wanting something really fast and easy, pre-assembled Weather Packs are the way to go. The entire male side and female side come assembled, and all you have to do is snap the two sides together. It doesn’t get much better than one step installation you’ll get with those!

Download the Quick Start Guide below to have an easy reference when you’re working!

Or, need a through-panel connection? Read our post on how to install Weather Pack Bulkhead Wire Connectors.

Still have questions? For either a standard install or a bulkhead install, give our Technical Support a call at 1.800.654.4757.

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