Benefits of Lead-Free Terminals

For years Del City has offered different electrical terminals: from standard butt connectors and ring terminals, to step-down butt connectors and flag terminals, and just about everything in between. Now, something new has entered the industry, and Del City is one of the first to have it.


We all know having a heat shrink and solder terminal can save time and simplify the job, but what about staying safe and compliant when there’s the lead in the solder? This fall, Del City has launched a new line of terminals which are completely RoHS compliant, meaning they’re lead-free. Now, I know many of you may say, “well, I’ve been using lead terminals for years and haven’t had any problem, so why bother switching?” Here’s why: not only will you be RoHS compliant, but what’s even better is the performance of these terminals is superior to the alternative. Curious? Let’s dive in.



Types of Lead-Free Terminals

  1. Lead-Free Shrink & Solder Terminals varieties include butt connectors and ring terminals.
  2. Lead-Free Crimp, Shrink & Solder Terminals varieties include butt connectors, step-down butt connectors, ring terminals, and push-on terminals.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Lead-Free Terminals

  1. Solder used in the new lead-free terminals has a greater surface tension for added strength, and will not run as easily as traditional solder if overheated. 
  2. Translucent heat shrink is adhesive-lined and printed with gauge sizes.
  3. Heat shrink terminals protect against corrosion and are waterproof.

Traditional vs. New

These terminals are very similar to our traditional shrink & solder terminals, with one very important difference: they use a newly developed solder that contains no lead or cadmium, and is RoHS compliant.  The new solder is not only safer and better for the environment, but it also provides improved performance.  It has a lower melt temperature and greater surface tension, which means it is stronger as well as less runny, so it is much less likely to run out of the tubing during installation.  The new ring terminals also feature the same new long neck and 45° barrel design as our long-neck ring terminals.

What’s the new solder made of?

The new solder is a Tin & Bismuth alloy, and is stronger than the lead or cadmium solder alternatives.


What if I want to keep using the traditional solder terminals?

At Del City, you will be able to continue to find either option to fit the demands of your project. The lead-free versions have been added as an additional option, but we know having choices is important so we are keeping our existing terminal line for those who prefer the traditional product. 


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