How to Wire a Toggle Switch

Using a toggle switch to actuate an electrical application is very common. Hook up anywhere from 1 to 4 different accessories, depending on the configuration of your switch. Here we will wire a SPST and a DPDT toggle switch.


What You’ll Need

Step 1

Start by crimping your wire terminals on the run of wire you’re using for the circuit. In this first example, we’ll be wiring an on-off Toggle Switch (SPST)  (PN 73020) with flat terminals. We used a ratchet crimp tool.



Note: The terminal you need for wiring your switch will vary based on the termination on the back of the switch – screw, flat, or solder. (See table above)

Step 2

Next, take the wire you’re using for power, and secure it to the center terminal of the switch. In this demonstration, and in most cases, the center terminal is marked with a “2”.


Step 3

Next, take the wires you’re using for your accessory, and secure onto the top terminal on your switch. In this demonstration, and again in most cases, the top terminal is marked with a “1”.


Step 4

Finally, complete your circuit by connecting the other ends of your wire to the appropriate power sources and accessories.

Have more accessories to hook up?

If you are wiring more than one accessory, simply follow the steps above for your additional accessory wires.  To illustrate this, we also wired up a Double Pole Double Throw (SPDT) toggle switch to show the maximum number of accessories that can be wired. It’s important to note that with DPDT actuation, there are two terminals for power. These power terminals are marked “2” and “5”, and are on opposite sides of the switch.

Note: When wiring a DPDT switch, the two sides to wire each will have its own power. This allows for them to either run the same circuit during actuation, or a different circuit if desired.



And that’s how you wire toggle switches!

Lastly, while SPST and DPDT switches are what we focused on here, there are still other different type of switch actuations to choose from. Standard configurations include SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT. Here you’ll see the pin set ups for each of these configurations:


To understand the terminal configuration, check out the terminal numbering for our switches:


To learn more about how each of these function, check out our post on single throw and double throw switches.

Get out there and start wiring! Still have questions? Reach out to our Technical Support at 1.800.654.4757 and see more posts on our blog!

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