Choosing the Right Heat Shrink

Del City offers a wide selection of heat shrink to ensure your wire and connections are protected from dirt, moisture, and corrosion. Heat Shrink is commonly used in applications where the connection is exposed to corrosive environments such as battery connections, marine panels, and trailer wiring. The heat shrink allows for the connection to be “sealed” off from salt water, road spray and debris, as well as dust and dirt.Want more details on the benefits and details of heat shrink material? Check out our post “What Is Heat Shrink?” here!

Choosing the Right Type

The most basic choice is a 2:1 single wall shrink tube. It is a good all around, general purpose product and is available on rolls as well as 4’ sticks. This style of heat shrink is most often used in general purpose applications particularly where the connection is not exposed to a lot of contaminants. In addition, this product is a UL recognized component.

The most popular option is our dual wall, adhesive lined heat shrink. It has a 3:1 shrink ratio and contains an adhesive to seal components within the heat shrink. Because of the adhesive lining it cannot be rolled and therefore is available in 4’ sticks only. This style is commonly used in marine panels and trailer wiring where the connection could be regularly exposed to moisture or dust and protecting the connection from corrosion is critical. This version is also a UL recognized component.

For heavy duty and battery applications, we offer our triple wall, otherwise known as heavy duty heat shrink. This product is large and rigid enough for battery applications and will reduce corrosion that is commonly found at the connection point. It is available in 6” pieces and 4’ sticks.

We also offer several styles of specialty heat shrink including clear view heat shrink, color coded shrink tubing, or a 4:1 heat shrink. The 4:1 shrinks more than any of our other offerings and is ideal for irregular shapes. All of these items allow you to have a visual check to ensure proper connection and inspection of the terminal while providing a superior protection from common contaminates.

Have a more light duty job? Thin wall heat shrink provides greater flexibility while still providing proper protection. For a more versatile job or to have multiple types of heat shrink on hand, we recommend a heat shrink kit. The kits provide various sizes and types to make sure you have the perfect fit for your application.


In addition to the types of shrink tubing described above, Del City carries even more heat shrink. Feel free to explore our offering to find the perfect fit for you. If you need more help in choosing the right heat shrink, our Technical Support at 1.800.654.4757. For more industry information and how-to content, check out our blog, The Current.

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