Why Choose Shielded Wire for Your Next Wiring Job?

Looking for a wire that has an added shield protection to help combat the effects of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)? Among the many assorted types of wire we offer, we now stock Shielded Wire, which is known for doing just that. It features stranded tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, polyester reinforced tape, and stranded tinned copper drain wire shielding with a PVC jacket. 


It’s rated for 300V, UL listed CM to UL 44 and RoHS compliant. The shield surrounds the inner signal – or power – carrying conductors, so the EMI does not reach the conductors. Offered in 100-ft spools, select from 2 Conductor Shielded Wire in 18Ga-22Ga or 3 Conductor Shielded Wire in 18Ga and 22Ga. Operating temperature range is -20°C – 60°C and its UL temperature rating is -60°C (UL AWM Style 2092 or 2093). The insulation in wire will protect a cable mechanically from abrasion and environmentally from moisture and spills. However, as more electronics are added to vehicles and equipment, the chances of your system signal wires inducing interference from other electrical system wiring is likely to occur. The shielding acts as a Faraday cage to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals so that there are no disruptions to the operation of a vehicle or equipment.

To see the various gauges and conductor options available, visit the wire and cable section on www.delcity.net or contact our Customer Satisfaction team at 1.800.654.4757. With so many wire options, we have what you need to help make your next wiring job a success.


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