Different Systems of Wire Connectors & Their Varying Benefits

Wire connectors and electrical connector systems are multi-pieced setups which are commonly used when making wiring connections in applications varying from automotive and marine to agriculture and other electrical connections. There are many different system selections to choose from and each series carries a unique set of characteristics depending on the use and application of the electrical connectors. Knowing what these different connection types, benefits, characteristics, and uses are makes creating a positive connection simple and efficient.


Weather Pack Wire Connectors

Weather Pack wire connectors are the premium and environmental line of sealed connections from Delphi/Packard. They are designed for the engine compartment of a vehicle and can be used in1_WPC.jpg many different applications, whether it be building a customized wire harness or just replacing individual components. However, they are not strictly for vehicle use. Weather Pack electrical connectors are also an ideal choice for marine, agriculture, and other harsh environment applications. Weather Pack wire connectors are a desirable connection choice not only for their high performance and quality but also because they are compatible with many of the common automobile models out there.

The housing components of the Weather Pack wire connectors have an audible snap-action lock and secondary terminal lock to help reduce terminal stress and provide proper terminal positioning while allowing easy access for service. 1-way to 6-way female housing and male housing options are available.


The terminals required for the Weather Pack electrical connectors have a flex-pin and lap-lock design giving them a positive connection while allowing them to be locked into the connector cavity. Strain on the c3_WPC_Terminals.jpgable core is reduced with cable seal crimp wings that also assure proper positioning of the seal. The male terminals and female terminals are available in 20-18 gauge, 16-14 gauge, and 12 gauge sizes. The silicone Weather Pack seals and plugs help protect the elec13_Metri_Plugs.jpgtrical connectors against dust, moisture, engine fluids, and chemicals. The cavity seals and plugs are offered in varying sizes and colors.





Deutsch Compatible A-Series™ Electrical Connectors

Deutsch Compatible A-Series line of electrical connectors contains four different sets of connector systems, including AT Series™, ATM Series™, ATP Series™, and AHD Series™. Each series offers its own set of benefits depending on your electrical and application needs.


The AT Series line of Deutsch compatible wire connectors have multiple AT plug type op6_AT.jpgtions. First off is the standard AT Series™ that provides protection, durability, and UV resistance. Second there is the AT Series™ with Strain Relief which is specifically designed to protect the wire seals, eliminate stress, and provide a highly-reliable solution. Finally, the AT Series™ is also available with LED lights on the plug that determine if the device is receiving power.


The ATM Series electrical connectors are a high-performance, cost-effective solut7_ATM.jpgion for smaller gauge wire applications. The ATM Series connectors may be mini but they still maintain the expected strengths of the standard AT Series™ product line.


The ATP Series of wire connectors are a thermoplastic solution that is ideal for marine, 8_ATP.jpgheavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, and alternative energy applications. The ATP Series™ connectors contain quality-performance superior seals that are high retention and environmental while being cost-effective.


The final9_AHD.jpg Deutsch compatible line is the AHD Series connectors. These electrical connectors were developed to be a cost-conscious, reliable alternative to heavy-duty industry standard 6 and 9 pin connectors and are ideal for any controlled or uncontrolled environmental condition application.


Each A-Series wire connectors require additional components to complete the electrical system. There are associating plugs, wedges, receptacles, socket, pins, and seals depending in the type of A-Series connection system.





Metri Pack 280 Sealed Wire Connectors

Metri Pack 280 Series wire connectors are OEM connectors commonly used in the engine compartments of automotive, marine, and agricultural vehicles. Delphi/Packard uses nylon plastic with silicone seals to manufacture the 280 series which prevents moisture and dust from entering the connection. The female housing and male housing components for the Metri Pack electrical connectors are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-way options.




Terminals specific to the Metri Pack 280 electrical connectors ensure proper insertion, reduce strain on the12_Metri_Terminals.jpg cable core, and are tin-plated to protect against corrosion. These terminals are available in female tang and male tang styles that have tangs to lock the terminal into the housing cavity. Also available are female tangless terminals that contain a notch to prevent pull-out. Much like the Weather Pack System, cavity seals and plugs are offered to protect against dust and moisture.13_Metri_Plugs.jpg



Packard 56 Electrical Connectors

The Packard Type 56 line of electrical connectors and terminals are the standard OEM connectors on American cars for the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s. These electrical connectors, which were used throughout the engine compartment and vehicle, have since been replaced by sealed connectors. The series is available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 contact options.




The female housings and male housings both contain a locking tab for the female terminals and male t15_Packard_Terminals.jpgerminals. Terminals are available in either 16-14 gauge or 20-18 gauge sizes. Positive contact is generated when the bodies containing the terminals are joined and locked together but they can be easily disconnected if needed.


Kits & Tools

Many of these wire  connector systems are also available as kits to make it easy and convenient to have the electrical connectors you need on hand. These kits include the Weather Pack, Deutsch Compatible A-Series, and Metri Pack 280 connectors.

Tools designed specifically for the different electrical systems are available to complete the proces sof selecting and installing your wire connectors. Weather Pack, Deutsch Compatible A-Series, and Meri Pack 280 connectors all have a specific crimper that provides a high quality crimp and removal tools for easy removal of terminals and other components.


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