How to Install LED Light Strips

Flexible LED Light Strips can be used on a wide variety of projects. They can be utilized for the interior of your car, below your bar, below your kitchen cabinets, and/or wherever else your creative mind sees fitting. Today, we will be looking at how to install LED Strip Lights. In this installation example, the installation is for a home bar. This is an easy and low-cost installation which drastically improves the image and atmosphere of the room. To illustrate this installation, I’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to install LED strip lighting.


Step 1: Selecting the Right LED Light Strip Kit

Del City currently offers three different types of Flexible LED Light Kits. Two of the three (parts 78659 & 78660)  come with a small, wireless remote to toggle between 16 color options, 4 lighting functions, and brightness adjustments. The only difference between these two models is that the Home Kit comes with an AC Adapter to plug into outlets, while the Remote Controlled Kit is used generally in the interior of your vehicle, connecting to wires already installed.

It’s important to select the correct LED Light Strip Kit for your specific project application. Because this bar is inside a house and an AC adapter is needed, the Flexible LED Light Strip Home Kit was the front runner. It’s important to remember that each kit comes with two 12” LED Light Strips. For this bar application, one 6ft flexible LED light strip extension (78663) was also needed. 

Step 2: Installing the LED Light Strip Kit

Once the appropriate kit is selected for your project, it’s time to install! Take the items out of the package and plug the kit into an outlet first to make sure everything is working properly. Measure out where you want the LED strips to go, but it’s suggested to place them towards the edge of the counter for a more prominent glow. There is double sided tape on the back of these strips, and all you have to do is peel off the plastic. But because this project is permanent, 3M foam double sided tape was used for an even stronger hold.

As you can see above, the LED light strips are placed about 2” to 3” away from the edge of the counter. First, find the power for where the AC Adapter will go. You will have roughly 3.5ft between the power source and the start of the LED light strips. After that is identified, it’s time to lay the 3M double sided tape exactly where you want the lights to go. By laying down the double sided tape first, it makes installing the light strips much easier.  These LED strips themselves cannot turn on a 45 degree angle, but there are a few solutions. In this particular install, individual wires were used to connect the the light strips. However, Del City does offer flexible LED extension cables from 1inch to 15ft that’s essential for maneuvering around tight corners. Once the LED light strips are plugged in, connected with one another, and installed, you should be finished!

                seidl_led_light_strip_kit_2.1.jpg seidl_led_light_strip_kit_2.2.jpg seidl_led_light_strip_kit_2.3.jpg                 

Step 3: Enjoy!

The hard work is over! The last step in installing LED light strips is to sit back and appreciate your newest install.

Choose between a wide spectrum of colors and four different lighting options such as flash, strobe, fade & smooth. The two colors shown below are white and green. 



For more details on how you can install this in your home, business, or for vehicle install options, please contact us and our team be happy to walk you through the step by step process and help find the best solution for your project.To see more of our extended lighting line and why you should switch, check out All About ECCO Lighting and Top 5 Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting.

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