All About ECCO® Lighting

Del City is proud to have expanded our line of ECCO® light products. ECCO® lighting is an industry standard for high quality and reliable lighting. With multiple categories of lights to choose from, ECCO® lights are able to provide a solution for every application. Read on below to see the ECCO® products that Del City carries and how they can be of use to you!       

Emergency/Warning Lights

ECCO® lighting carries a multitude of beacon lights in their warning lights category.


Equipped with LED optics, these beacon lights can produce an intense warning signal without all the fuss. ECCO®’s beacon lights are designed to be low maintenance, as well as long lasting. With no gears, brushes, or bulbs, these warning lights will extend the life of your application. ECCO®’s line includes items in SAE classes I, II, and III. This standard set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is meant to distinguish various types of warning lights by the intensity of the light produced with Class I emitting the most powerful light. Characteristics such as multiple flash patterns, hi/lo intensity, dual color, reflective LED modules, reinforced bases, rotating lights, industrial applications and more; ECCO® provides a warning light for every need.

Need a warning light with a sleek, yet powerful design? Del City carries ECCO®’s line of minibars. 5590A-HBT_ecco_minibar.jpgMinibars provide a compact alternative to beacon lights when you still need a powerful warning solution. These lights offer great flexibility with either permanent or vacuum-magnet mounting. Although this product is most frequently used on trucks, emergency vehicles, maintenance, off-road and fleet vehicles, the minibar can be used in countless situations. Like ECCO®’s beacon lights, the minibars are equipped with a variety of settings. Linear optics LEDS, numerous flash patterns, color options, lenses, and sizes really set these minibars apart.

Auxiliary Lighting

When it comes to work lights, you need durability that you can count on. 

ECCOE92013_worklight_150px.jpgECCO lighting classifies their work lights into light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Light duty work lamps are best used in material handling and indoor operation while medium duty work lights are best used in on-and-off road maintenance and construction projects. For the harshest working environments and weather conditions, an ECCO® heavy duty work lamp should be your go-to. ECCO®’s work lamps are rated by raw lumens. This measurement tactic is a highly accurate reading of the brightness of a light when it is powered on and lit. By measuring the lumens in an integrating sphere, it ensures the most accurate reading. A higher lumen count results in a brighter work light. Each ECCO® work lamp is marked with their raw lumen count in order to help choose the light for you. In options such as square, round, rectangular, oval, and a variety of series, ECCO® can provide the perfect work lamp.ECCOEW3108S_utilitybar_225px.jpg

In addition to work lamps and work lights, ECCO® carries a variety of utility bars. These bars have a low amp draw, yet produce an extremely bright white light output. These are ideal for those who want a light that is low maintenance, but flexible. This flexibility is with ECCO®’s options for multiple surface mount options, including tilting. Whether you need single or double row, Del City is sure to carry a ECCO® utility bar for you.

Safety Alarms

When looking for a backup alarm, many factors need to be taken into account. Two main selecting criteria involve the sound itself and the appropriate sound pressure level (SPL.) ECCO® offers ECCO450_eccolights_225px.jpgback-up alarms in both tonal and multi-frequency sound options. What’s the difference? A tonal alarm is what most people think of when they think of a back-up alarm. It creates the “beep beep beep” sound that is often understood as a danger signal. A multi-frequency alarm is a newer sound that is now being introduced as a warning signal. Its sound is more similar to “shhh-shhh” and is perceived to be more directional as well as dissipate more quickly. The SPL is the second factor that needs to be analyzed before picking a back-up alarm. According to OSHA, a reverse alarm must be audible above the sound of the surrounding noise. If a common location where your back-up alarm will be used has a low volume, a lower SPL alarm would be the better fit. The louder the surrounding area, the higher SPL the alarm must have. If you location varies on ambient sound level, no worries! ECCO® has a new Smart Alarm that self-adjusts to the surrounding environment.

Del City carries ECCO® back-up alarms fitting all of the characteristics above. Safety is not something that can be comprised, so ECCO® prides itself on creating multiple series for back-up

ECCOEC7003K_camerasystems_225px.jpgalarms. All back-up alarms protect against dust/debris, have a long product life, and are designed with safety in mind. With different mounting, tone, direction, and design options, these back-up alarms are sure to fit any application.

Camera systems are also a great asset when it comes to safety. ECCO® carries both wired and wireless camera systems to ensure you are getting the correct system for your needs. Backup camera systems provide excellent picture quality even in low-light conditions. Varying monitor sizes allow for a clear image while still adhering to your size constraints.


Del City offers various ECCO® brand directional lights. The directionals are designed to offer a high quality performance with a minimum size. These lights can frequently be found in emergency vehicles, safety precautions, other vehicles, or anywhere where space may be tight. As stated ECCO3510_directional_lights_225px.jpgearlier in this article, ECCO® lights are divided by Class, with Class I being the brightest lights. Class I directionals are authorized to be used in emergency vehicles due to their bright light options. These are the type of lights you see when an ambulance can go through an intersection or a police car races past. Class II directionals are ideal for maintenance or work vehicles. Class II lights provide brighter light than a normal vehicle in order to help you stand out, but will not be over-bright and distracting. For example, a security vehicle that monitors or watches the parking lots of building would be able to utilize a Class II light.

The class of directional light that you choose to buy is both dependent on the specific vehicle as ECCOED3777A_directionals_225px.jpgwell as the overall environment. The lights must follow OSHA regulations and provide safety to those around the vehicle. The best way to think through how bright you need the light is to think of how crucial it is that people see you. Do you need people to pull over when they see you? Class I. If you do not need something quite this bright, Class II would be the way to go. ECCO® extends its directional line by providing options to fit every vehicle and then some! Choices such as color options, number of bulbs per color, flash patterns, synchronization, sizes, mounting options and more; ECCO® directionals are sure to have a fit for you.

As you can see, ECCO® is a strong player in the lighting game with all of the options available to consumers. For more information on LED lights, check out How To Upgrade to LED Lights and How To Install LED Light Strips. Still have questions? Feel free to each out to our Technical Support at 1.800.654.4757!

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