What Exactly is Primary Wire?

Primary wire is primary wire, right? Not exactly true. There are different “grades” of primary wire, based on temperature ratings (voltage ratings are typically the same at 50V DC). Buy the wrong type, you could wind up melting the jacket and causing a short or electrical fire. Not good at all. So let’s go over […]

Why Should You Choose Painless Performance Wire Harnesses?

Universal chassis wire harnesses by Painless Performance are the easiest preassembled harnesses to install. All preassembled wire harnesses are not made equally. Just one installation with a Painless harness and you will never use an inferior harness again.   Advantages of choosing Painless Performance wire harnesses Less wires to route. During the final assembly of […]

Why Choose Shielded Wire for Your Next Wiring Job?

Looking for a wire that has an added shield protection to help combat the effects of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)? Among the many assorted types of wire we offer, we now stock Shielded Wire, which is known for doing just that. It features stranded tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, polyester reinforced tape, and stranded tinned copper […]

What’s the Difference Between Battery Cable and Welding Cable?

What’s the difference between battery cable and welding cable, anyway? Is there any? While they are similar, there’s a few things to consider when choosing between the two. Applications If you just need a simple connection between a battery and its starter, battery cable is the ideal solution. For applications with no sharp curves or those that have […]