Why Should You Choose Painless Performance Wire Harnesses?

Universal chassis wire harnesses by Painless Performance are the easiest preassembled harnesses to install. All preassembled wire harnesses are not made equally. Just one installation with a Painless harness and you will never use an inferior harness again.  

Advantages of choosing Painless Performance wire harnesses

Less wires to route. During the final assembly of the harness, Painless groups the wires together based on the appropriate vehicle location. Depending on the application the average harness will have 15-18 groups of wires all wire-tied together. Instead of routing over 100 individual wires, you will only have to route the groupings saving you time and effort.


Highest quality components. Painless harnesses are only made the with the highest quality parts including TXL wire. TXL wire is made with extremely thin insulation making it both easy to bend and lightweight. It is also has a high temperature rating ideal for engine compartments (-51°C to 125°C/-60°F to 257°F). Plus, at the heart of every harness is a premium Painless fuse block. These fuse blocks feature blade type fuses (Maxi, ATO, Mini) and OEM-style blocks. The blocks have clearly labeled circuits for easy installation and troubleshooting. They also feature corrosion resistant terminals, solid mounting points and a compact design.

Clearly labeled. Every Painless harness wire has its function clearly labeled every few inches on the entire length of the wire. Darker wires have the function printed in white ink while light colored wires have the function printed in black for greater ease of identification for installation or troubleshooting.

Simple instructions. Each harness comes with instructions. You don’t need to be able to read a complex wiring schematic to install these harnesses. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.



How to install a Painless Performance wire harness

To start, mount the fuse block in the appropriate place. The mounting of the fuse block is critical. How well the wiring is connected to the fuse block, how secure the connection, determines how well the entire system will perform. Lucky for you, each Painless harness has the wires professionally pre-terminated to the fuse block.

After the fuse block is secured, take each wire bundle and route to the rest of the vehicle…painless!


Del City offers several Painless Performance universal wire harnesses. Embrace the endless possibilities and be creative with your next universal mount, trunk mount, muscle car or pickup truck wiring project. To learn more or order, call Del City at 1.800.654.4757 or visit www.delcity.net

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