Wiring A Relay In Less Than 2 Minutes

When you’re busy, you need quick advice. So, we got together with a Technical Support Specialist, and had him show us how easy wiring a relay can be!

Wiring a Relay - Relay Pins

Parts List

  1. 5 Pin Relay
  2. Wire
  3. Push-On Terminals
  4. Ratchet Crimp Tool
  5. Wire Stripper
  6. Accessories, i.e. toggle switch and vehicle lighting
  7. Optional: Relay Harness

Check out this video to learn in less than 2 minutes how you can start wiring a relay for your next build (we hooked up a standard 5 pin relay , part 73980, with primary wire.)

To learn how to wire a toggle switch like in this video, we have a guide for that, too!

Looking for a guide to keep on hand for when you get started?

If you have more questions, give our Technical Support Specialists a call at 1.800.654.4757.

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