Why Choose Maxxima Lighting for Your Lighting Needs?

Why Choose Maxxima Lighting for Your Lighting Needs?

In many applications, lighting can make or break a project. With hundreds of brands roaming around, it can be hectic to find which brand is best for you. With factors such as price, durability, longevity, brightness, look, etc., a correct lighting choice can take a great deal of time and effort. Maxxima Lighting, a leading brand in lighting products, shines when it comes to these factors. To make your lighting decision a bit easier, Del City wants to highlight the main reasons to choose Maxxima.

Maxxima Lighting is a trusted brand and continues to grow

Maxxima Lighting boasts over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Keeping up with lighting trends throughout the years, Maxxima Lighting releases around 40-50 new products a year. In an industry that grows rapidly, this is no easy feat. Their lines of products are highlighted in 3 catalogs a year, so the customer can stay up to date on cutting edge technology. Overall, Maxxima sees a 16-17% growth per year, without major changes in price. Maxxima recently expanded their line of green products in order to help the environment and the end user. These products are very helpful for both businesses and consumers in a variety of applications.

Maxxima Lighting provides more longevity and warranty

Maxxima LED lights have around a 100,000-hour life expectancy. This means that even with constant use, Maxxima’s lighting products will hold up. Almost all lighting companies use heat welding to make their circuit boards. With this, all these manufacturers hit the same issues when it comes to longevity of the brand. Maxxima knows of this, so they offer a longer warranty than other lighting brands. Maxxima offers either a 5- or 10-year warranty depending on the product. The main competitors offer only a 3-year warranty on their products. Maxxima also does not require a receipt for their returns, while other companies require a receipt. Maxxima knows that you need your product right away; they don’t want anything to get in the way. Finally, Maxxima also gives their warranty to resellers, while other main lighting companies do not. This makes for a more inclusive warranty program that does not require bulk purchases.

Maxxima keeps the customer as their main priority

Getting product on time is usually a high priority for customers. Maxxima sticks to their 3 to 4-day lead time, with orders being processed in two days. The first part of Maxxima’s process takes place in South Korea to avoid tariffs and own their own factory. Avoiding tariffs means significantly lower prices to the customers, something Maxxima is very proud to offer. With owning their own factory, Maxxima can provide superior quality control with United States employees visiting frequently. This means less mistakes and higher quality of products as compared to renting a facility. Maxxima is excited to finish their products in the United States and provide customer service in the USA as well. Many of their competitors outsource their customer service. Some of Maxxima’s best reviews are with their customer service team who are readily available to help a customer in need. With headquarters partaking in multiple charity events and it being a family business owned by two brothers, Maxxima is happy to serve their customer as best as they can.

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