What Is Heat Shrink?

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Shrink

In the electrical supply world, heat shrink seems to be everywhere! By the name we can tell there is probably something with heat as well as with becoming smaller in size. Besides that, where do you find heat shrink material? What does it actually do? Why should I even use it? Del City is here to answer these questions and more in order to make sure to add some brightness to your arsenal of knowledge. 

Where Can You Find Heat Shrink Material?


Heat Shrink can be found on numerous electrical accessories. It is most commonly found on tubing, loom, and terminals. These categories have a lot of variety when it comes to their respective products, but versions utilizing this material are usually found to be best-selling items. Heat shrink is very commonly used in general electrical situations, but can also provide a fix for more specific situations. Commonly seen in marine, trailer, and military applications as well, heat shrink is a trusted source for the ultimate guard. 

 What Does Heat Shrink Actually Do?

The main purpose of heat shrink is to insulate wires. It provides superior protection against abrasion, dust/debris, environment conditions, and more. It is usually made of a plastic-type substance that shrinks radially (not in length) in order to properly attach itself to the wire and create an air tight seal. The tubing/terminal/loom itself is placed on to the wire before the initial heating in order to ensure the correct positioning. This is ideal for oddly shaped applications because the material will mold around exact structure to fit your needs.

What makes Heat Shrink Different?

Besides that fact that is shrinks when heat is applied, this material has other unique attributes. It is one of the most trusted products in the industry because of its versatility as well as durability. Because of the unique fit to the necessary wire, it is able to protect from all angles whereas other materials may leave some gaps.

19015163_primary_225px.jpgAnother interesting fact is that not all heat shrink material will shrink the same amount. Each item comes with a “shrink ratio” that will describe the degree the product will change in size. For example, if the label is 2:1, it will shrink to half of its original size. Also available in adhesive lined options, these are commonly used in marine or trailer situations for added protection against moisture.

Have a really tough application such as battery cables? You can also opt for a triple wall, otherwise known as heavy duty, heat shrink. This makes it both thick and rigid. A common corrosion location with battery cables is the connection point, and this material can help mitigate that risk. Want to be able to see the wires within your terminal/tubing/loom, etc.? Del City is able to offer multiple specialty heat shrinks that provide the same superior protection while providing a clear view to your connection point.

This material will most likely continue as an industry leading product because of the uniqueness it brings to the table. For more explanation on what specific type of heat shrink is best for you, look here! Del City is sure to provide you with various heat shrink options, but if you still have questions feel free to reach out to our Technical Support at 1.800.654.4757!

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