Mag Daddy is Stronger Than Your Average Magnet

How do magnets work?

Mag Daddy magnets are stronger than your average magnet. Why is that? Basically, magnets work around the concept of magnetic flux. Magnetic flux is the result of multiple magnetic lines passing through a surface. The north and south magnetic lines redirect from each other to create the magnetic pull we’ve all experienced!

How is Mag Daddy different?

Mag Daddy’s unique cupping design is created to be sure no magnetic flux can escape making the magnet stronger and increasing the magnets’ durability over time. In figure 1, Mag Daddy’s outer layer sees no breakage of the magnet flux. Figure 2, a competitor, highlights where magnetic flux can escape. This makes your magnet lose strength.

Mag Daddy Magnets are stronger then your average magnet

Where are these magnets used?

Because Mag Daddy’s magnets are so much stronger than ordinary magnets, they can be used in a wider variety of applications. These industrial strength products are often seen in security installations, automotive, electrical contracting, household applications, and more!

Extreme conditions are no problem

Mag Daddy magnets require use year-round. With temperature ratings from -40° C to 176° C, temperature is no problem. Del City tested the magnets in a food service commercial oven and freezer to prove their strength. Being oil, grease, paint, and dirt resistant, these magnets can handle it all.

Innovation that is recognized

The Mag Daddy brand was recognized by prestigious associations ever since their start. First awarded the “Showstopper Award” by the National Electrical Contractors Association, Mag Daddy continues to win innovation awards with their ever expanding products.

Growing and growing…

Mag Daddy adds new products every year. They continually strive to improve their products while creating cost savings for their customers. The company grew 20% each year for the past 3 years and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon!

Mag Daddy magnets continue to impress more and more each day. Learn more about magnets and the Mag Daddy difference with our visual infographic below! 

Mag Daddy Infographic

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