Circuit Breakers in Action

Del City Auto Reset Circuit Breakers in Action

Steve Kobak talks to @lowlifechopperpodcast about what it took to build a chopper from the ground up. Listen in and find out Steve’s best tips and tricks for getting your first build off the ground. Del City has a wide selection of 12V electrical products for any project, Steve used our Auto Reset Stud Mount […]

Your Guide To Battery Lugs & Battery Terminals

Del City carries a large line of battery lugs & terminals (now at lower prices!) but sometimes distinguishing them can be a bit difficult. How are they best used? In what applications do lugs and terminals perform? What different materials are used? We’ll answer these questions and more, just keep reading!  What is the difference […]

What Is A Wire Ferrule?

One of the most common items found in electrical applications is a wire terminal. The uses are countless, and they frequent industries such as automotive, industrial, manufacturing, marine, solar, and more. A wire ferrule, though notably not as well known as a wire terminal, is a growing product that is being used more and more […]

Video: Del City Magnet Strength Test

Del City was curious to see which industrial magnets lived up to the hype. See the video below to see which magnets prevailed! See our visual infographic here and our in-depth blog post here! See Del City’s complete line of Mag Daddy products and take 20% off with code MAG20 until 11/30/19. Explore our full product […]

Mag Daddy: More Than Your Average Magnet

Mag Daddy magnets continue to impress more and more each day. Learn more about magnets and the Mag Daddy difference with our visual infographic below!  Mag Daddy Infographic For a more in-depth explanation, check out our blog post here! Until 11/31/19, use code MAG20 for 20% off all Mag Daddy products! See Del City’s extensive […]

Mag Daddy Magnets: Innovation for Today

Mag Daddy Magnets: Innovation for Today We’ll start out with the most important information: how do these magnets work?  Magnets work around the concept of magnetic flux. Magnetic flux is basically the number of magnetic lines passing through a surface that creates the force we all think of when it comes to a magnet (Figure 1.) […]

Why Choose Maxxima Lighting for Your Lighting Needs?

Why Choose Maxxima Lighting for Your Lighting Needs? In many applications, lighting can make or break a project. With hundreds of brands roaming around, it can be hectic to find which brand is best for you. With factors such as price, durability, longevity, brightness, look, etc., a correct lighting choice can take a great deal […]

Del City’s Marine Catalog

Del City is proud to offer products that fit to all type of marine applications. We created a catalog to showcase these items for ease of use and to make sure you find the right product for you. Check it out here!

Del City Lowers All Wire Prices

Del City Lowers All Wire Prices (Menomonee Falls, WI)- Del City is proud to announce an overall price decrease on wire. This includes all Del City wire lines including primary, cross-link, parallel, RVI, marine grade, ripcord, speaker, and shielded wire. This decision was made in response to decreasing copper prices and industry changes. Del City […]