How To Increase Trailer Efficiency and Longevity

How do you Increase your trailer efficiency and longevity? There are more types of trailers in various sizes on the road than ever before. 

The January 2018 prediction for the trailer industry was very favorable, and it has continued to meet those standards. A lot of this growth has come from increased efficiency, increased safety, and cost savings. You may be asking, how can efficiency and safety be increased while spending less money? The answer is in the longevity of the trailers themselves. When putting in the extra time and necessary equipment, you see an increase in positive attributes. Although it will be pricier up front for a job well done, the trailers are seeing decreased costs over time.

From small business to large business, trailer upkeep is crucial. If you trailer connection is lost while being pulled, you could not only put others in danger, but lose significant time and money in cargo. The best way to avoid this problem is to be sure that you are using the proper trailer connector and trailer wire. Trailer cable is equipped with multiple configurations within the wire covered by a PVC jacket. The internal primary wires are single conductor and color coded to industry standards for easy identification. The multiple conductors within the wire make for high durability, and high resistant to cracking, abrasion, oil, acid, and the elements. Depending on your trailer type, choose the trailer cable that matches with your needed trailer conductor. Del City offers 4 conductor, 6 conductor, and 7 conductor configurations. Combined with the proper trailer connector, your connection will be durable enough to be sure your cargo and trailer are carried properly.

Even if you have the best trailer cable on the market, the longevity and efficiency of your trailer will be compromised without the proper trailer connector. Molded connector loops are a great option to fit general purpose needs and a wide range of trailers. They are easily customizable and designed for trailer wiring to substitute primary wire. For heavy duty applications, a 7-way connector is common. If you believe that your application may be considered heavy duty, it is better to be safe than sorry and is recommended that you use a stronger trailer connector. If you do not need the added strength and looking to cut costs even further, a 4 way connector is a great economical option. This also provides for easy installation and ease of use. For small utility trailers, a 2-way connector is recommend both for cost savings and trailer longevity. In addition to these described above, you can check out Del City’s full line of trailer connectors here.

It is illegal to tow a trailer without functioning trailer lights. For help on how to easily wire your trailer lights, check out our post here. For more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our technical support at 1-800-654-4757.

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