Choosing The Perfect Auto Meter Gauge

Auto Meter is a high-tech company that has become a standard of excellence in providing high quality gauges. They have set the bar in the industry with their products for things like accuracy, precision, and durability. For over 50 years now, Auto Meter has been a trusted brand in gauges.

Once you’ve decided that an Auto Meter gauge is exactly what you need, you’ll have to decide which product line is perfect for your vehicle.


Z-Series is a high-performing gauge with a classic feel. If you are simply looking for a reliable highAuto Meter Gauge - Z-Series performance new gauge, but you also want to add some good looks to your car without being too flashy… the Z-Series is designed for you.

  • Black Face
  • Black Bezel
  • Orange Pointer
  • White Letters




Phantom Gauges

Phantom Gauges are a competition ready, top performing gauge. The gauges are an iconic line for Auto Meter, and they are made to provide a unique and sporty look for your car. They are designedAuto Meter Gauge - Phantom with a high contrasting design to not only catch your eye ascetically, but to be simple to read with
just a peek in any environment. The line is perfect for the recreational driver looking for a new sporty look.

  • White Face
  • Black, powder coated, Bezel
  • Orange Pointer
  • Black Letters





This line gives the recreational driver the same performance in his gauge as the professionals. Introduced and used with NASCAR, Ultra-Lite is trusted by more professional racers than any otherAuto Meter - Ultra-Lite gauge. They are high performing, lightweight, and are still built to near bulletproof standards. This line is for the serious or professional driver to whom precision is a must.

  • White Face
  • Matte Brushed Aluminum Bezel
  • Orange Pointer
  • Black Letters





The Auto-Gage line has the best value gauges Auto Meter offers. With the Auto Meter name comes the comfort that this economical option will still provide unmatched levels of accuracy and durability Auto Meter - Auto-Gagein the price point. This is the common solution for the everyday sports car driver looking for a high performing gauge he can trust.

  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Two and three gauge consoles available





To recap, the Z-Series line is a simple, high performing gauge. Phantom gauges are perfect for adding an eye catching gauge to your recreational sports car. The Ultra-Lite line is a top performing gauge that is recommended for competitive drivers. Auto-Gage is an economical option that is the best value line of gauges.

All four of these lines are available at Del City. Shop our entire Auto Meter offering here, or call 1.800.654.4757 to speak with a Customer Satisfaction Representative who is happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

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