Battery Cable: Uses, Types & Benefits

Battery Cable is a vital product when it comes to providing a link between the battery and fuse block or starter. A faulty connection can lead to poor application performance, battery breakage, damaged parts, and increased safety hazards. Del City is here to educate on the different types of battery cables as well as provide you with the perfect cable for your application.

Where Is Battery Cable Used?

Battery cable is an efficient solution when it comes to connecting a battery to its starter. A direct connection with few sharp turns is where the strength and durability of battery cable comes battery cable_inside.jpgthrough. For example, battery cable is often found in boats, buses, cars, trucks, RVs and tractors. This type of cable is usually rated to 60V DC with a wide array of gauges sizes. In comparison to other cable types, such as welding cable, battery cables are often see as an easy and cost-effective solution to your battery connection needs. Depending on your specific application, there are different kinds of cable that may be a fit. Del City carries both SGT battery cable and SGX battery cable, which are highlighted below.

SGT Battery Cable

SGT battery cable is a common battery cable that is used in a variety of applications. This type of cable can get the job done in the majority of applications, but does not have the added features of battery cable_sgx.jpgthe SGX battery cable. Ideal for battery replacements and electrical projects, SGT protects against the elements, oils, acids, and cracking. Its PVC insulation is strong enough to keep your connection intact while providing a reliable connection. This cable is often seen as a more budget-friendly option in more general jobs. SGT battery cable meets SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Specification J-1127 and is rated up to 80°C/176°F.

At Del City, SGT battery cable is offered in a variety of sizes. From 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge, SGT is suited for all types of jobs. This cable is offered in either red or black in an array of spool sizes. Whether you need a lot or a little, Del City provides 500ft, 100ft, and even 25ft spools to fit exactly the amount needed. For more specific sizes, Del City also provides wire cutters.

SGX Battery Cable

SGX battery cable is often seen as the premium option when it comes to battery cable. It provides greater heat protection compared to SGT, being rated up to 125°C/257°F. SGX boasts a different type of insulation than its counterpart, composed of XLPE insulation. This results in resistance to acid, abrasion, alkalis, coolant, diesel fluid, ethanol, flames, gas, ozone, power steering fluid, oil, and transmission fluid. With the added protection, SGX battery cable is best suited for engineBattery cable_sgt.jpg compartments. Whether it is a boat, bus, cat, truck, RV, or tractor, SGX cable is strong enough to withstand it all. Because this cable is more durable and reliable, it is usually more expensive than the SGT battery cable.

Del City provides the SGX battery cable in both red and black in 500ft, 100 ft, or 25ft spools. Like the SGT cable, SGX is offered in sizes 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge. If you are in need of a battery cable that needs to withstand high heats and harsh environments, SGX battery cable is the one for you. This cable meets the requirements of UL 558 paragraph 8.1 item (f), UL 583 paragraph 12.1 item (f), and is built to SAE Specification J-1127.

Overall, battery cable is used in applications such as boats, buses, cars, trucks, RV, and tractors. For a basic and quality connection, SGT cable will work in a majority of applications. For tougher jobs that require more protection, SGX cable is the better choice. All of Del City’s battery cable is made in the USA and offers free shipping over $99. To explore all of our battery cable options, click here.

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