Anderson SB Connectors

Anderson SB® Connector Product Guide

The Anderson SB® Connector Series product guide will help you understand components that will help you create a professional grade connection. Two housings and four contacts are required for a full assembly of these connectors. Read on for a breakdown of all the Anderson SB Connector products and their many uses!

Anderson SB® Connector Housings

Anderson takes pride in their professional grade battery cable connector housings. They allow for a secure and reliable connection, so you can rest easy when it comes to your application. These are often used to provide a high power connection especially for hard to reach batteries. The material of the housings (polycarbonate) offer impact resistance as well as extra strength to increase durability.

The Anderson SB® Connector Housings are available in 50, 120, 175, and 350 amp options. This opens up a variety of applications and uses for this quality brand of connectors. They are rated for use to 600 volts in continuous AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) operations. The housings are made from one piece of plastic and feature stainless steel springs to hold the contacts securely in place. This maintains constant pressure for a consistent and low-resistance final product.

Anderson makes for easy installation, as each housing is sorted by size depending on the amperage, and each size/amperage option is available in several color options. Only housings of the same color and size will mate, so you can be sure you have the correct products and the strongest connection. Different color housings can be selected to identify circuits or voltages, preventing a mismatch of power supply. In addition, Anderson housings are genderless, so you don’t need to worry about male and female housings. Purchasing two housings of the same amp series and color will allow for proper mating. This makes for a quick installation with minimal inventory!

Anderson SB® Connector Contacts

The other necessary pieces for a complete Anderson SB® connection are the contacts. 4 contacts total are required for installation, with two being inserted into each housing.  These contacts are silver plated copper and offer low resistance while boasting superior conductivity. Each contact is rated for use to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation.

A beneficial aspect of these contacts is that they are contoured, which creates a self-wiping cleaning action when the connection is mated and unmated. Not only does this improve conductivity, but also creates a significantly longer life for these products. By keeping the surface clear of corrosion, Anderson SB® Contacts are a step above the rest.

Not only do Anderson Contacts provide great quality and durability, but also give a variety of options for your specific application. Anderson SB® Original Contacts are available in 50, 120, 175, and 350 amp series, and in three different gauges sizes within each amp series. This ranges from a 12-10 gauge 50 amp as the smallest to a 4/0 gauge 350 amp as the largest. These mate with the corresponding amperage housing. Like the housings, the contacts are also genderless, so you only need four of the same part number to complete the connection.

FUSION Contacts

In addition to the original contacts, Del City also offers FUSION Contacts. These are pre-loaded with pre-measured and correctly metered flux and solder all within a copper contact. These are ideal for use in destructive vibration or corrosive environments. The FUSION Contacts make for a quicker installation and overall less costly install/repair. The simple steps to install these contacts and make for a superior strong connection are below.

  1. Clamp contact into vise
  2. Strip the battery cable to reveal approximately 7/8” of wire
  3. Heat the contact until the solder melts then insert the wire
  4. Cool to solidify

Reducer Bushings

Finally, the Anderson SB® Connector line offers Reducer Bushings. These allow for the crimping of larger contacts onto smaller cable sizes. This ensures for a proper fit and a wider variety of applications.

Anderson SB® Connector Accessories

Protective Caps

Del City knows that you want the most durable and protected connection. We offer protective caps to protect the connectors from the elements and to provide impact protection, strain relief, and prevent accidental arcing. The protective caps are available in red and black and are sold to match the specific amperage of your unique application.

Handle Kits

In order to provide additional leverage for easier mating and unmating of the connector housings, the Anderson SB® Series also offers Polycarbonate Handle Kits. These allow for extra grip when working to unmate your connection and are available in red, gray, or black. Like the protective caps, these Polycarbonate Handle Kits are also sorted by amperage for easy use.

Cable Clamps

Lastly, Del City also offers cable clamps to help secure your Anderson connection These metal cable clamps are able to securely hold the battery cables in place. This protects your connection from a variety of vulnerabilities such as strain, pull, or dislodging of either the wire or contacts from the housing.

Anderson SB® Series Connectors can be an extremely helpful product series when it comes to your application.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support at 1.800.654.4757 and they will be happy to help you out!

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