7 Way Trailer Plug Diagram

For large over-the-road vehicles, you can’t go without a 7 way trailer plug and socket. Protect your connection from corrosion, plus get a professional, finished look with one of these 7 way trailer plugs and sockets. Rust and wear and tear have nothing on you when you install these on your trailer. It will continue to look great and perform for the long haul.

How exactly do you wire a 7 way trailer plug and socket? Fortunately, they come with the industry standard color code printed right on the ends. Still, sometimes the printing can be a little tough to read, so we wanted to make it easy. Here you will find a 7 way trailer plug diagram (round pin style), plus a PDF download of the diagram to keep on hand in the shop.


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Or, are you working on an RV? Then you’ll want to check out these 7 way trailer plugs and sockets. The difference between RV plugs and semi plugs are that RV trailer plugs have flat pins and semi-trailer plugs have round pins.

Still have questions on hooking up your trailer with this 7 way trailer plug diagram? Give our Technical Support a call, and they’ll walk you through it at 1.800.654.4757.

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