What Is Primary Wire?

Posted by Lauren on Jul 28, 2016 11:43:40 AM

spool_primary_wire.jpgWhat is primary wire after all? Often times when working on electrical builds, you’ll hear “primary wire” or “GPT wire” thrown around quite a bit. So, why is that?i Primary wire isone of the most common types of wire to use in electrical builds – specifically in automotive or DC applications.

With a PVC insulation, primary wire has a smooth surface which makes installation a cinch. Plus, with how versatile it is, it’s great wire to have on hand and stocked in the shop – from thrifty spools to bulk spools you are sure to find the amount that is right for you!

Need to know more? Download our "What Is Primary Wire?" infographic below!




Download "What Is Primary Wire?" Infographic Now


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