Circuit Breakers in Action

Del City Auto Reset Circuit Breakers in Action

Steve Kobak talks to @lowlifechopperpodcast about what it took to build a chopper from the ground up. Listen in and find out Steve’s best tips and tricks for getting your first build off the ground. Del City has a wide selection of 12V electrical products for any project, Steve used our Auto Reset Stud Mount […]

speedboat on the water

How To Keep Your Boat Safe and Efficient

We look at ways to keep your boat safe and efficient.  Marine applications are subjected to harsh environments on a frequent basis, which can lead to electrical problems. A small electrical problem could result in a safety hazard for those on board and the boat itself. It is best to take care of your marine […]

Types of Circuit Breakers Explained

Although there are many types of breakers, the main three we will go over are standard, high-amp, and blade. These automatic electrical switches are put in place in order to protect a circuit from excess current. A circuit breaker detects a fault and interrupts the current flow. A circuit breaker functions a lot like a […]