Get a Stronger Electrical Connection: Lead-Free Solder Terminals & Connectors

If you could find a stronger, easier to install terminal for your 12V electrical wiring projects, you’d use it, right?  What if it were also the only lead-free RoHS compliant option available?  Slam dunk?

Del City is excited to announce that we now have that solution!  Our new and improved Lead-Free Solder Terminals and Connectors offer lower melt temperatures (138°C vs 145°C), greater tensile strength, and a cleaner installation.  AND the lead-free solder includes no hazardous materials, making it fully RoHS compliant.  This innovative addition


to our terminal and connector product line is offered in Heat Shrink & Solder (ring style pictured below on left), and Heat Shrink, Crimp, & Solder (ring style pictured below on right) varieties.


The Heat Shrink & Solder line includes two terminal styles:

  1. Butt Connectors
  2. Ring Terminals

The Heat Shrink, Crimp, & Solder line includes four terminal styles:

  1. Butt Connectors
  2. Step Down Butt Connectors
  3. Push-on Terminals
  4. Ring Terminals

As an added bonus, the new ring terminals in both lines are designed with longer necks and 45° barrels. These improvements over the traditional ring terminal allow a stronger seal, better contact when stacking, and visual inspection of wire insertion to ensure a proper crimp. Learn more about this long neck style here.

If you know how to install terminals with the traditional construction, installing the Lead-Free terminals is very similar.

For more information about these innovative new terminals, and other electrical and transportation products at Del City, or to request a catalog, please call 800.654.4757 or visit our website


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