How To Use Rennsteig Compact Cable Cutter D15

Rennsteig tools tools provide quality and versatility for your specific application. This video highlights the Rennsteig Cable Cutter and its strength. It creates a smooth, clean cut every time with minimal effort. For comparison, we have compared the Rennsteig cutter to “other” brand to show the strength! See the links below the video for more Rennsteig videos!

How To Change Dies For The Rennsteig PEW12 Crimp Tool

The PEW 12 crimp tool from Rennsteig is a high precision ratchet crimp tool that is versatile. The versatility comes from the multiple dies that are interchangeable for different terminal types. This means one crimp tool frame for all your crimping needs! See the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to change the dies in the Rennsteig […]

How To Use Rennsteig PEW12 Crimp Tool System- Weather Pack

Rennsteig provides high quality crimp tools, cutters, strippers and more to make your job as easy as possible. This video shows step by step instructions on how to use a Rennsteig Crimp Tool to crimp a Weather Pack terminal. For even more Rennsteig how-to videos, check out the links below the video!

How To Use Rennsteig MultiStrip® 10 Wire Stripper

Stripping wire is incredibly important in a multitude of electrical jobs. In this video, Del City features Rennsteig wire strippers and how to best utilize the tool. To see more how-to videos, check out the links below the video. See our full selection of Rennsteig tools here!

How To Use Rennsteig PEW12 Crimp Tool System- Metri-Pack

Rennsteig tools offer a product for almost every job. Whether it be a crimp tool, cable/wire cutter, die changes, or a wire stripper, Rennsteig has it all. Del City has created a detailed video to show how to use the Rennsteig Crimp Tool System with Metri-Pack terminals. For more how-to information for Rennsteig tools, see the links […]

How To Use Crimping Tools

Getting a quality crimp time after time can be tricky for some of us! Confused on the different types of crimping tools and how to use them? Check out this video on how to use crimping tools to ease those troubles! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support at […]

How To Use A Ratchet Crimp Tool

Getting a consistent and quality crimp every time can be tough, but using a ratchet crimp tool can help! In the demonstration below, a double ratchet crimp tool is being used, which provides even better connection protection.

How to Use a Wire Loom Tool for the Easiest Install

Installing wire loom around a wire harness can be a pain. No matter what your application, using a wire loom tool like this loom insertion tool can make the process much save time and frustration by how easy it is to use. 

How To Use a Clamp Making Tool

The one-of-a-kind Clamp Making Tool allows you to make strong, reliable clamps out of simple Stainless Steel Safety Wire.  It can be used to replace worn or ineffective hose clamps, or to create clamps on virtually any material by tightening wires around an object and locking them in place.  Follow these instructions to create your […]