How To Test & Change A Fuse In A Vehicle

Some people may be surprised at the large amount of fuses that are found in a vehicle’s fuse box. These fuses help protect your vehicle as well as making sure every function of your car is working properly. In this video, we show how to test and change a fuse in a vehicle to keep your […]

Testing ATO fuse

How To Test A Fuse

Learn how to test a fuse in this video. To be sure that your fuse is working properly, the best traits to test are voltage and continuity. Del City uses a multimeter to test both of these traits on a variety of fuse types. If you find that your fuse isn’t working properly, check out […]

How To Replace A Fuse

Learn how to replace a fuse in this video. A blown fuse will cause your electrical project to not work and may indicate a wiring problem. We will show you how to replace multiple kinds of fuses including ATO/ATC, AGC, JCASE, MEGA, MIDI, and Marine. Enjoy and follow the step-by-step instructions to replace your fuses!

what happens when an AGC Fuse is blown

What Happens When You Blow A Fuse?

What Happens When You Blow A Fuse? Fuses are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your electrical application. Once a fuse is blown, it cannot perform the protective functions that you need. Del City investigated further into what a fuse looks like during this process. We slowed it down so you […]

What Is A Fuse?

What is a fuse? Simply put, it’s your first line of defense against a short circuit. When a circuit experiences an excessive amount of current flow, fuses heat up and blow to protect the circuit from damage, such as fires. Usually, fuses are found close to the battery in order to avoid battery damage from a […]