5 Reasons to Attend SEMA Show 2017

What is the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), and why should I attend their show? Good question! Below we have 5 reasons why attending the 2017 SEMA show will definitely not be a waste of your time, but rather could be one of your greatest trade show experiences to date!

1. SEMA Is Diverse

This association is filled with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, re-stylers, car clubs, auto restorers and more! This allows for a unique experience that allows you to see multiple sides of this industry, sides you may have never seen before. Why is this beneficial? Knowing multiple dimensions of an industry allows you to learn more as well as have the opportunity to explore new ideas. You never know, these new ideas may take you in a direction you never expected!

2. It’s HUGE!

SEMA Show in 2016 hosted over 70,000 domestic and international buyers. It is physically large enough where the displays are split up into 12 different sections. It’s the 7th largest tradeshow in the United States, as well as being the largest geared towards the automotive industry! This means row after row of different products and companies to catch your eye. Speaking of products, did we mention that last year the New Product Showcase featured around 3,000 new parts?

3. The New Product Showcase

We can’t get enough of this showcase. We mentioned it in #2, but Del City believes it deserves its own point. Yes, that’s how awesome this is! It is the world’s largest collection of automotive innovation. You are given a free scanner and you’re welcome to wander around the entire showcase scanning anything you’re interested in! At the end of your scanning spree, you get a printout of everything you’ve marked as well as information of how to get it. This includes the info on which booths hold which products, so that you can check out everything (yes, everything!) you’ve scanned. Why wouldn’t you want to visit a booth that has newest and most innovative products?

4. The Possibilities Are Endless

Not only does SEMA offer TONS of new products, but there are numerous educational opportunities as well. They offer seminars, product demonstrations, and special events in order to make sure you get the absolute most out of the show. Whenever you want a little break from wandering around the booths, you’ll have a plethora of other opportunities to explore. Boredom is not an option at this show! In addition to all those educational experiences, the networking opportunities are endless. With the best and brightest in the industry attending this show, you definitely don’t want to be left out!

5. It’s Located In Las Vegas

It’s Vegas…need we say more?

For registration details check out at www.semashow.com! Don’t forget to visit Del City at Booth #23875! We hope to see you there!

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