Is a Ratcheting Crimp Tool Worth the Extra Money?

Posted by David on Dec 11, 2015 11:03:00 AM

A few weeks ago, Del City exhibited at the SEMA Show for our 28th consecutive year. I always enjoy going to the show to see all the exotic vehicles and innovative new products but what I enjoy most about the show is talking to both prospective customers as well as customers that have been ordering from Del City for more years than they care to mention. It’s great to hear about all the diverse applications our products are being used in as well as the most efficient way people are using our items.

One topic that I received more questions on this year than most was surrounding ratcheting crimp tools compared to a standard crimp tool. Those I talked to wanted to know if it’s really worth the extra money to invest in a ratcheting crimp tool over a standard crimp tool. The answer really depends on each individual situation. If you seldom do crimping or you’re doing a handful of crimps at a time, of course a standard crimp tool can get the job done. However, if you’re making dozens of crimps at a time, it’s a no brainer to go with the ratcheting crimp tool. Not only will you give the perfect crimp every time, you will save yourself the pain that comes with using a standard crimp tool repeatedly.

In addition to the time savings and getting the perfect crimp, over the long run a ratcheting crimp tool can actually save you money by way of ensuring the insulation isn’t cracked, which can make the terminal less effective or completely ineffective. This can be a particular cost savings for those using high quality heat shrink butt connectors, which can become costly if you are frequently replacing terminals with cracked insulation. If you’re making lots of crimps on heat shrink terminals, the crimp tool I would recommend without question is Del City item 990025, our insulated ratcheting crimp tool. It will give you the perfect crimp every time for heat shrink terminals from 22-8 gauge. In addition to the individual tool, Del City also offers a complete set with interchangeable dies for those crimping open barrel terminals, insulated closed-end connectors, insulated double-crimp terminals, and insulated flag terminals. This is a great value as you essentially get five different crimp tools in one.

Economical Crimp Tool_Part 990141Ratcheting Crimp Tool_Part 990025Ratcheting Crimpt Tool Set_Part 990030 

You can view Del City’s full line of crimp tools and ratcheting crimp tools any time by visiting

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