Enhanced Site Search Driven by Customer Feedback

Posted by David on Jul 28, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Do you ever wonder if companies actually read the feedback you submit regarding your experience, whether it’s through a survey, a comment on social media or simply filling out a contact form? I can’t speak for other companies but at Del City, every comment, every review, every survey response or any other form of feedback is reviewed by a member of the Del City staff and indexed to help us continuously improve as a company. Voice of the customer, or VOC, is a paramount component to determining the way we go to market and any changes we decide to make organizationally. It is our goal to be a service leader in the industry and that is only possible if we truly address customer feedback, good or bad.

Okay, so feedback is reviewed but does it really help drive improvement? The answer is simple, yes! A prime example of VOC driving change is in regards to our site search functionality. As many Del City customers are already aware, a few months ago, we upgraded the site search functionality on our website. If you haven’t already used it, I’d highly recommend giving it a try. The reason we upgraded the platform wasn’t just driven internally but instead was driven by specific feedback gathered from customers. Some of the recurring themes we heard from customers relating to site search was wanting the ability to easily access product pages, view relevant categories of product complete with images on the results page and to be able to spec out an item based on specific rating requirements. We took this feedback and built it directly into the list of requirements for our upgraded site search project.

Let’s look at a couple practical examples of how feedback from customers drove new functionality within site search:


Navigate Directly to an Item

Say you know your item number and want to quickly get to the product detail page. For demonstration purposes, let’s use one of our most popular butt connectors, our 16-14 gauge heat shrink butt connector, item number 922005. Simply input 922005 into the search bar, hit enter, and you are routed directly to the product page.



Easily Navigate to Lesser Known Items

Say you’re looking for a less common product such as back up alarms and aren’t completely sure how to find them through the standard navigation. Simply begin typing your query into the search bar. Immediately, our top matches begin displaying in the drop down. You can click on these results if you see the item or category you’re looking for or can complete the search to see full results. Once on the results page, you can sort based on relevance or title and apply any specific filters you’d like based on the exact item you need. 





Search Based on Specs

Now let’s say you need a relay but you want to see only the items that meet the specifications you need. If you start with a generic search for the term “relay,” once you get to the search results page, toggle over to the “items” view at the top of the search results. For demonstration purposes, let’s say you need a 5 pin relay rated 30/50 amp with diode. Simply apply those selections from the filters above to see the items match your specific criteria. It’s that easy!



If you haven’t tried our new site search, next time you’re on the site, give it a shot. Even more importantly, if you have any feedback regarding the new functionality or anything regarding your experience with Del City, please let us know. Rest assured, your feedback will be taken seriously!

We hope that you enjoy the new features of our enhanced website search and find that it makes accessing the items you need to get the job done much easier.

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